December 12, 2007

No Security, Prosperity or Sovereignty for Canada in a North American Union

Much of Canada's sovereignty has already been eroded, but a North American Union would be the final nail in the coffin for an independent nation. It use to be the NDP who championed preserving Canadian sovereignty, but they have become a shadow of their former selves, and it appears as if they have been taken over by the very same interests that they had sworn to fight and protect us from. For what it's worth, I have challenged the NDP to make this issue the pillar of their election platform. The Canadian Action Party (CAP), a little known party with limited resources, is putting the NDP (a national party) to shame, especially in regards to fighting and exposing the NAU agenda. Even with no current members in the House of Commons, the CAP may serve as a real alternative and play a big role in defeating the NAU and preserving an independent Canada for future generations to come.

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The Merry Widow said...

The really worrisome thing(among many)is that the insidious and widespread corruption of Mexican politics would spread rapidly to both America and Canada.
Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the politicians of both are already corrupt and for sale!
I scream bloody murder about the inroads here in America, and how even state and local politicians are being bought and sold, and in the process are selling us to the highest bidder.
A great deal of our infrastructure has been sold to foreign companies, some of which are inimical to us. I'm afraid that America will not be able to stand up to this mess, due to the secret deals and bureaucratic endplays.
And no, Canada will not prosper, she will be divided up and her rich resources taken for pennies on the dollar;
here andhere.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!