October 17, 2007

NORTHCOM: NAU Martial Law Appartus By 2020

The commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM General Victor E. Renaurt recently made public a 10 page document called Vision 2020 which outlines strategic goals for both NORAD and USNORTHCOM leading up to the year 2020. The document advocates strengthening relations with Canada Command, developing a closer relationship with Mexico’s armed forces and establishing an effective continental defense against assorted threats. The focus of the Vision 2020 document is on protecting the continental perimeter of North America and not the United States. Even more disturbing is that the document also outlines goals to provide timely and effective support for civil authorities in the wake of catastrophic events through the integration of USNORTHCOM’s resources. Essentially, they are envisioning the role of USNORTHCOM by 2020 to serve as a North American martial law apparatus that will have operational integration with current civil and military authorities in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Military support of civilian authorities, integrating with civilian authorities and standardizing operational concepts in regards to joint operations working with civilian authorities is a description for a martial law apparatus. Clearly the goal of USNORTHCOM according to Vision 2020 is to have the capabilities of a militarized internal police force combined with civilian and military authorities in Canada, Mexico and the United States that will enable them to enforce martial law. We are essentially looking at USNORTHCOM outlining a goal to be the command and control foundation of a militarized police state within a regional North American Union government.

The stated goals of the Vision 2020 document, raises many questions on what USNORTHCOM’s true purpose is. The Posse Comitatus Act forbids the military from enforcing law within the U.S. and the stated goals of Vision 2020 appear not to take that law into consideration. In fact the very existence of USNORTHCOM should be questioned as it pertains to that law. In addition, the Constitutionality of our military working with government and non-government agencies in Mexico and Canada should also be questioned. This holds especially true since the last goal of USNORTHCOM according to the Vision 2020 document advocates developing closer relations with Mexico’s military. Considering how corrupt Mexico’s government is, why would one of USNORTHCOM’s stated goals includes working closer with this government’s armed forces unless there are secret deals being made behind closed doors?

Considering the secrecy behind the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the Council on Foreign Relations stated goal of a North American Community by 2010, the rampant illegal immigration coming into the U.S. from Mexico and the lack of U.S. border security between Canada and Mexico the possibility of North American integration into a North American Union cannot be considered a conspiracy theory. Vision 2020 outlines goals for a common martial law apparatus and a continental defense perimeter for all three countries. This document certainly raises many questions about the goal of NORAD and USNORTHCOM as well as the possibility of a North American Union ruled by an iron fist.


October 14, 2007

What is the North American Union?

NAU: Paving Over American Sovereignty
The Biggest Landgrab in North America, end of Property Rights, Biometric ID’s by 2010
By: No World System

What is the NAU and the NAFTA Superhighway? The NAFTA Superhighway (aka: Trans Texas Corridor - TTC) will be a large construction project, spanning 4-football-fields wide starting within the depths of Mexico, straight across the USA and into Canada. This inter-connected daisy-chain is linked to other Trade Corridors and existing interstate highways.

The existing interstate highways will be privatized and tolled, all vehicles and trucks will be scanned, Mexican Freight Trucks will not be searched and mainly will be carrying large containers full of cheap slave-goods made in Far-East and Communist countries.

The NAFTA Superhighway will use tracks for commuter rail and high-speed freight rail; depots for rail lines; pipelines for oil, water and natural gas; and electrical towers for cabling for communication and telephone lines.

The North American Union (NAU) and the NAFTA Superhighway has been going according to plan for years now and the mainstream media continues to keep the American public in the dark. The President has attended secret meetings, and has signed around 2 agreements under the Security and Prosperity Partnership program (a creation of the Council on Foreign Relations), along with former PM Paul Martin (now Stephen Harper), and Mexican President Vicente Fox (now Felipe Calderon).

All agreed to; Integrate Mexico, Canada and the United States, erase the southern and northern borders and manage to put in a tri-national ‘North American Union’ ID card containing sensitive biometric information via the ‘REAL ID Act of 2005′ which is to be set in place on December 31, 2009.

Like magic, no more illegal immigration problem.

All of this is supposed to take place by 2010, and then on the NAU will gradually progress into a American Union (AU), much like the European Union. With one government, one flag, one currency (Amero), one military, one Constitution (which will resemble the Soviet-Union’s Constitution) and all three countries will share one border. We see the erosion of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights via Orwellian Legislation being signed, the Continuity of Government only becomes clearer as the elite push on with the current agenda.

If you dread this concept as I do, I suggest you research the NAU. It is up to you to find out what is happening to the Sovereignty of this nation, do we want to live under one flag, one currency, one big brother government police state?


October 11, 2007

The New World Order is Here!

If you're not worried about The New World Order, you will be. Everything that's needed for the rich and powerful to run every aspect of your life is in place. Within a few years there will be a cashless one world government, run by the richest people in the world. You will be "chipped" and tracked by the government, and if you protest, speak out, or otherwise displease Big Brother, your chip will be turned off, preventing you from buying or selling anything. The plan has started and in 2008, the "North American Union" will effectively eliminate the borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Also in 2008, you will be required to have a national I.D., soon after to become an implanted chip.

These scenes are taken from a video available at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com I suggest you go there and watch the whole thing. 2 hrs long.

October 10, 2007

Former Mexican president wants North American Union based on EU

Mexico's former president, Vicente Fox, made an astounding admission last night on CNN's Larry King Live when he acknowledged the plan for a NAFTA single currency, a "euro-dollar" as King labeled it.

Fox also vowed to help unite the Americas beyond a trade agreement, following what he described as "a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA".

The comments follow Fox's appearance on The Daily Show in which he advocated the creation of a North American Union based on the model of the European Union.

October 03, 2007

Connect With Efforts Working to Stop the NAU

19 States CAN'T be WRONG! 16 states have pending Anti-NAU legislation and 3 states have passed Anti-NAU or Anti-SPP legislation in both their House and Senate!!!

The fact that over 1/3 of the state legislatures introduced resolutions opposing the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP), the NAFTA Superhighway, and the developing North American Union (NAU), is a GREAT success!