December 06, 2007

Mexico could retaliate if U.S. blocks trucks

"If Congress succeeds in blocking the program, Mexico could retaliate, as they are entitled to do," the Arizona Republican told members of the Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization in Tucson on Thursday.
Kolbe, who retired at the beginning of the year after 11 terms in Congress, is the new chairman of the Canamex Corridor Task Force and part of a three-member committee appointed to monitor the cross-border truck program, which has faced strong opposition from some trucking union members and politicians.
He warned that if our southern neighbors "lose patience," U.S. companies could face higher tariffs on trade entering Mexico. Entitled to retaliate? Nothing like a little extortion amongst friends...


BJ05 said...

Then perhaps it is time we begin to comply with our obligations and promises we make to our neighbors and other countries. The entire Mexican truck issue is a non issue at best

Jabe said...

Obviously you havent lived near a border town, or you would KNOW that the Mexican trucks have lax inspections, if any at all and are completely unfit for road use..

And whose obligations and promises are we supposed to 'comply' with? The pork barreled politicians making promises that the people they represent never authorized?