December 31, 2007

Canadian Author Detained 3 Weeks in Psychiatric Hospital for Protesting the NAU

Montreal, 31 October 2007: A night and day of terror in a psychiatric emergency bed at LaSalle General Hospital culminate in a transfer by ambulance to a high-security ICU* of the Quebec-government and McGill-run Douglas Hospital where a Montreal woman underwent illegal forced injection with several antipsychotic drugs. And all because Police had targetted this Canadian unity activist on learning of her web site, Habeas Corpus Canada:

The woman is 54-year-old author, poet and photographer, Kathleen Moore, who plans to sue Queen Elizabeth II in person to prevent the annexation of Canada to the US and Mexico by 2010 under a new form of government.

Moore believes the process of annexation in fact began in the 1960's with the founding by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro of the FLQ, the Quebec Liberation Front. And yes, it is a little known fact that Canada's "home-grown" terrorist group was not home-grown, but was founded by Communist dictator, Fidel Castro himself. It would therefore appear that the FLQ were merely tools in a Communist attack on the sovereignty of Canada.

Three short months after his overthrow of the Cuban Batista regime in 1959, Castro met Belgian immigrant to Montreal Georges Schoeters at the Montreal Airport, and took him back to Cuba to teach him how to set up Canada's first, and hopefully last, terrorist group.

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