December 30, 2010

Seattle Transit Agency Rejects Bus Ads Exposing Israeli War Crimes

SEATTLE — Israeli war crimes almost exposed, let the cover-up continue..
King County Metro Transit will not allow bus ads alleging "Israeli war crimes" after all (and caving to the Jews, NOW won't allow ANY outside advertising).

Transit officials Thursday rejected a proposed ad from the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign that ties alleged war crimes to U.S. military aid.

That proposed ad, expected to appear next week, sparked a furor, with thousands of comments flooding into the transit agency as two groups said they planned to run their own ads to counter the "Israeli war crimes" message.

Metro Transit said Thursday it also would not be allowing the counter ads.

In addition, King County Executive Dow Constantine, citing the potential for disruption to transit service, on Thursday approved an interim policy from Metro Transit that calls for a halt to the acceptance of any new noncommercial advertising on King County buses, according to a news release.

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