January 24, 2010

'Robust debate taking place in Iran' ; Obama '09

In 1976 Jimmy Carter was installed as a puppet president for Trilateralist manipulator Brzezinski. He embarked upon a self-righteous “human rights” crusade that cut off support and ultimately enabled the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. This idiotic and naive approach to foreign policy led directly to the Islamic Revolution and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian hostage crises. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 quickly turned ugly as the radical mullahs seized power and led Iran down a 30 year path of war and despair and brutal suppression of human rights.

The Iranian people bore the burden of this unfortunate episode in their history. The casualties of the Iran/Iraq war alone were over 1 million. The Brzezinski/Carter team were directly responsible for the rise of the radical Islamic fundamentalism. They then embarked on the policy of building up Saddam and supplying him with WMD’s as well to counter the mullahs. So instead of bringing peace to the middle East they brought war, death and chaos, all under the guise of “human rights.” After they finished meddling in Iran and Iraq the human rights violation increased a thousand fold than ever they were under the Shah. But we hear no complaints of “human rights” violations by the mullahs from the spineless Jimmy Carter.

Now in 2009 once again under the guise of “free elections” the mullahs are being challenged by a new generation. The youth of Iran are leading this revolution. Unwilling to accept the results of a rigged election they are taking to the streets in protest – as they should. The ideals of liberty and justice are percolating once again in Iran. The response by the Mullah thugocracy so far has been brutal. It brings to mind Tianamin Square in 1989, Czechoslovakia in 1968. The easily recognized pattern of the brutal suppression of basic human rights by oppressive regimes. Murderous thugs roaming the streets, killing and beating innocent people who’s only crime is desire to be free.

But Barack Obama, the glorious leader of the free world, has the temerity to call this a “robust debate.” What a friggin’ idiot. People are murdered and shot in the street by thugs of a regime that suppresses all dissent with violence and he calls this a healthy debate? This did not just begin with this current election, it’s been going on since 1979 when Obama was smoking pot at Columbia. This new Brzezinski clone is just as clueless as Carter and far more dangerous. While chumming around with Hugo Chavez, who is a good friend of Achmadinajihad, a certifiable nut job and a state sponsor of radical Islam and terrorism, Obama seems to conveniently forgive the offenses of these two clowns to the civilized world. I suspect he holds them in secret admiration for their hatred of the US and their ability to seize and hold power by any means necessary. This moron calls a rigged election a “robust debate”, thinking perhaps of his own rigged re-election in 2012.

I find his response disgraceful in that it offers support and hope for Achmadinijihad to survive by claiming their is no real difference between the two main contestants Achmadinajihad and Mousavi. Obama has endorsed a nuclear armed Iran as if it were no threat to the world. Even Ron Paul has done the same which causes me to question his judgement as well. The fact is that nuclear Iran is a threat to the entire Middle East as it will force all the Arab states to pursue nukes. Instigating an arms race is not a way to peace and stability.

The fate of the Iranian revolution rests in the hands of the Iranian people but even the French President has offered much stronger support for the Iranian people than Obama’s appeasing soft shoe routine. Obama had no problems meddling in Kenya’s internal affairs when as a US Senator he got Odinga “elected.” So the claims of not meddling coming from our ‘meddler in Chief’ is complete baloney. I get the feeling that a free Iran just does not fit into the Brzezinski plans for a New World Order. It is clear to me that Obama wants Achmadinajihad to stay in power and he wants him to have nukes.

Non-interference doesn’t mean that you can’t address the truth of the brutality and suppression of liberty in Iran by the mullahs. It is much preferable to me to have the Iranian people throw out the mullahs than that we should have to go war or bomb their nuke sites. And as far as interfering goes it is Iran that has been interfering in Iraq. They are responsible for the loss of a lot of our soldiers lives with their weapons, IED technology and active terrorist training program. The new Brzezinski/Obama team is as inept at the former Carter episode. So much for the change of the Neocoms like Obama. It’s the just same old crap sandwich in a different wrapping.

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