July 02, 2008

BushThreat: Elect McCain, or We Bomb Iran..

Facing a growing domestic economic disaster and a failed Iraq war and occupation, a defiant George W Bush will issue his final face saving bluff to his ignorant base ~ elect McCain or we will bomb Iran. Bush see's himself as a patriot and is not about to let the growing Obama wave dismantle his Middle East neocon castle in the sand : Allen L Roland

The handwriting is on the wall ~ the fall Presidential campaign will be between the people's desire for a real change of direction in Washington and the Bush/McCain establishment's desire to maintain the status quo by utilizing the politics of FEAR. Bush see's himself as a patriot and is not about to let the growing Obama wave dismantle his Middle East neocon castle in the sand.

The ultimate fear, as previewed by right wing neocon hack Bill Kristol, will be the implied threat to attack Iran if it appears that Obama will decisively win in November ~ which is becoming more and more likely.

The likely scenario, which I feel will happen, perhaps before November, will be an air strike by Israel against Iran which will be followed by a massive American strike against Iran ~ after Iran retaliates against Israel.

Bush's justification will be protecting Israel and the spineless Democrats will loudly bluster and fold as the Cheney/Bush war machine continues to roll on ~ playing the fear card until it is called.

And the fear card is beginning to be called, as it has by the alternative free press on the internet, including myself, for many years. Here is Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson giving Fox News a piece of his mind on the subject of GW Bush's upcoming visit to the city ~ and do remember that Fox news is Dick Cheney's favorite news outlet. ( Five minute video )http://www.youtube.com/v/Wp_W3SmjvvA&;rel=0&hl=en

The only effective constitutional method to call this war card, besides the nation's leaders speaking out, is the Impeachment card, which John Conyers still holds close to his vest and might yet play ~ particularly since new polling data shows one-fifth of conservatives supporting Obama. See Obama's strange appeal to high priests of US conservatism who are increasingly becoming fed up with the Cheney/Bush neocon conservative ideology.

Allen L Roland http://blogs.salon.com/0002255/2008/06/27.html

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AnarchyJack said...

I am curious if you are still worried that the Bushies won't leave the Oval Office at the scheduled time. Your arguments in a previous blog were compelling.
I have made my own predictions
- all the while hoping history will quietly prove me wrong. Yet our President continues to escalate things on both the international and domestic fronts. I hope we are both wrong and that Americans never have to admit the awful truth: we did not learn from history, so we repeated Germany's awful mistake and let a monster lead us into the jaws of Hell.