May 06, 2008

CIA Agent Chasing Israeli "Suitcase Nuke" in Houston, Killed by Cops


Federal sources close to this case have told me CIA Agent Roland Carnaby had proof a "suitcase nuke" had arrived inside the U.S. from Israel on Tuesday. He was chasing the device and the Israelis who had it.

As local law enforcement was called-in, for some unknown reason cops allegedly began chasing the CIA Agent instead of the Israelis and ultimately shot the CIA Agent dead!

Despite photographic proof that Roland Carnaby was inside CIA Headquaters in Langley, VA (shown above) the CIA is now publicly denying Roland Carnaby worked for them. A cover story is allegedly being fabricated to cover what really went on. Check back later . . . . . developing.

UPDATE 2329 HRS -- -- Federal sources have told me that they fear the detonation of a small nuclear device in or around Houston/Galveston, TX.

They say the old refineries there need to be modernized and expanded, but environmental regulations require companies clean up existing ground pollution before they will allow those refineries to be modernized.

The costs of such environmental clean-up would make new refineries too costly. HOWEVER. . . . . a "terrorist attack" in that region would destroy the refineries and simultaneously shift all the clean up costs to. . . . . . the taxpayer! Gee. How convenient for our Texas Oil Guy President, VP and all their rich Texas Oil Buddies!

SECOND UPDATE 0924 HRS 2 MAY 2008 - The CIA cover story apparently begins: ABC News is reporting (with video of the scene) that Roland Carnaby was, in fact, chased and shot dead by Houston Police. They confirm he presented credentials identifying him as being with the CIA. They report in the written story accompanying the video that Carnaby was shot while handcuffed and laying face down on the ground. Once again, CIA is disavowing the guy despite photographic proof (above) that he was, in fact, inside the CIA HQ in Langley, VA.

UPDATE 0942 HRS -- Houston Chronicle Newspaper Reports: Agent Roland Carnaby called FBI and Houston PD on his cell phone during high speed chase to identify himself!
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Don Clark's Big Lie About Roland Carnaby:

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Don Clark's Big Lie About Roland Carnaby

Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne said...

Last week when I first found out about the death of Mr. Carnaby and the allegations made by another former C.I.A. agent, Sue Ann Arrigo, I let the C.I.A. know that if Mr. Carnaby was not the victiom of an assassination, then the C.I.A. must have a poor training program'; because their agents aren't doing what they should be doing as evidenced in the situations concerning Mr. Carnaby and Ms Arrigo.

After contacting the C.I.A. over the Internet, I read the blog by Thomas Bean and remembered the time that I was arrested in Portland, Oregon a few years ago by two uniformed police officers alone in a motel room. I engaged the dead-bolt on the door and just sat in a chair until the cops broke in and arrested me. At one point, one cop, the sargeant, left the room. Just then, a woman in plain clothes walked by the door to my room and said "Is that a scissors?" I then looked at one of the front pants pockets of the cop who was still in the room with me and saw a handle of a scissor's sticking out of it. Up until I read Mr. Bean's blog, I thought that the woman had done me a favour by letting the cop know that she saw the scissors on the cop, at a time when I was not resisting arrest. But, after having read Mr. Bean's blog, I now believe that she was trying to provoke me into resisting arrest.

I've never had anything to do with any intelligence service, but, I was able to walk away from my own execution under circumstances similar to Mr. Carnaby's execution. In particular, he sat in his car until a cop broke in - I did the same in the motel room. If Mr. Carnaby was not the victim of a premeditated murder, he should have gone home at the end of the day; unless the C.I.A. has a poor training programme.

The radio message over the cops' radios and their statements to him during the initial traffic stop, may have been provocations to make him flee. You now have two independent situations that may have been provocations to resist arrest. I'm sure you can find more.

Furthermore, when I first tried to "e-mail" the C.I.A., I received error messages and couldn't get through both times that I tried. My message in their message box on their contact forms page, just disappeared. I had to go through the FBI. Mr. Bean stated that WMR (whatever WMR is) had been told that the CIA and FBI have been infilitrated by gate keepers that are ensuring that critical intelligence does not reach top U.S. policy makers in intelligence and law enforcement - not that my information is important. But, it's true and interesting.;read=123773

According to another Internet cite about Mr. Carnaby's death: "Assuming Carnaby was a spook marked for a hit (which itself is not beyond belief), even the most inept intelligence service (which the Mossad certainly is not) would not choose to take out a target in the public spotlight. (The shooting of Carnaby, after all, was caught on film that is now all over the Internet). There would be dozens of better, less conspicuous, ways to carry out such an assassination — a carjacking gone bad, poison, an abduction with the murder carried out across the border, an unfortunate car accident, a home burglary gone awry, etc.
Though such a conspiracy is not completely impossible (few things are in life), it does seem highly improbably. It just doesn’t add up."

What I think happened is that Mr. Carnaby, possibly a retired intelligence agent, was working for a C.I.A. agent who helped him obtain paraphenalia that tended to show that he had a closer relationship with the C.I.A. than was true. Furthermore, his "handler" manipulated him into falsely thinking that he was following an Israeli agent with a suitcase nuke. His handler could have been using him in a training excersize without his knowledge. So, Mr. Carnaby died as the result of an unfortunate training accident.

Interestingly enough, the afternoon after having contacted the C.I.A. about its poor training programme resulting in Mr. Carnaby needlessly dying or Mr. Carnaby being assassinated, when I returned home along the street that ends at a 3-way intersection (T) in front of my house, a car sped by just as I was about to enter the intersection, which is difficult to observe because of the trees, bushes and fences blocking the view. I heard it before seeing it and waited at the corner until it passed. It had to be an accident because the C.I.A. certainly would not assassinate one of it training programme critics.


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