February 21, 2008

Crippled Spy Satellite Shot Down by AM-3 Missile

The Pentagon released this video showing the SM-3 tactical missile striking the crippled satellite. The fireball and vapor cloud that appear shortly after the strike suggest the missile successfully struck the satellite and its 1,000-pound hydrazine tank, the military said.
Provided By: Nancy Youssef, McClatchy Washington Bureau

This is a supposed video from a neighboring satellite that recorded the shootdown of the crippled military spy satellite.

Your government reasoned that the hydrazine fuel on board would harm humans if the fuel tank remained intact upon re-entry, so they had no option but to destroy the satellite.

I have 3 problems with this;
1) It is laughable at best to suggest that the US Government concerns itself with preserving human life on Earth.
2) The obvious reasoning behind the shootdown is to keep sensitive technical data/hardware from falling into the hands of Governments hostile towards the USA.
3) This is an obvious attempt to 'prove' to the Chinese and the entire world that the US also has the capability to shoot down orbiting space objects.

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