June 17, 2007

Canadian International Trade Overview

Colorado at NAFTA crossroads

-Canada exported $1.0B USD to Colorado
-Canada is state’s largest trading partner ($1.83Cad billion exported to Canada)
-Exports of manufactured products totaled $7.7Cad billion
-Ten Fortune 500 companies HQ in Colorado
-Diverse Economy: Telecommunications, Software Development, and High Tech Manufacturing -Emerging Industries: Biotech, Photonics, Security, Aerospace, and Renewable Energy
-Denver serves as key distribution center for Rocky Mountain Region
-Four federal laboratories present in Boulder (NIST, NOAA, NCAR, and NREL)
-5900 Manufacturing Facilities
-152,000 workers employed (6.8% state employment)
-Colorado has highest concentration of high-tech workers in U.S.
-Highly educated workforce (2nd in United States)
-62% of Colorado’s total exports are high tech products

Colorado Manufacturers Survey

-69% outsource manufacturing operations domestically outside of Colorado
-17% outsource operations internationally
-21% plan to outsource operations overseas in 2006
-44% expect export sales to grow by 10% in 2006
-Greatest concerns: Rising costs of energy, health care, labor rates, and personal property taxes
-89% indicate that health care costs detrimental to business

Computer and Electronics Products

-40,500 employed in sub-sector
-Semiconductors, computers and peripherals, measuring instruments, office machine components, and telecom equipment
-Intel is spending $675CD million to expand facilities in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins for printed circuit board assembly

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

-Continued growth projected as a result of increase in homeland defense and aerospace budgets
-Prime Contractors: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and Ball Aerospace
-Adams Aircraft adding manufacturing capacity and employees
-New state tax credit in 2005 to benefit aerospace manufacturing and development
-Employs 10,500 workers with 200 more jobs to be added in 2006
-Presence of software, photonics, bioscience and nanotechnology companies to benefit Colorado manufacturers
-Large Military Defense electronic systems projects to reach $182 billion over the next decade

Utah Manufacturing Overview

-Utah employs 123,000 workers in the following manufacturing Sectors:
-Computer Systems Equipment (11,000 workers)
-Medical Equipment (7,700 workers)
-Aerospace and Engineering Services (6,500 workers)
-Canada exports $546USD million in aerospace products and parts
-Home to world’s leading supplier of rocket motors for space launch vehicles, strategic missiles and missile defense interceptors

Growth Opportunities

Manufactured products for imaging and surveillance
-Lasers, remote sensing devices, and cameras
-High resolution satellite imaging and digital mapping technologies

Healthcare Field: Biomedical optics and optical technology forecasted to experience tremendous growth.
-Global market for medical imaging equipment to reach $26.6USD billion by 2007
-With telecom downturn, aging U.S. population opportunities in biotechnology will increase dramatically in years to come

Bioscience and Military Defense contractors will require more data storage capacity
-Big storage manufacturers will benefit
Computer hardware for the wireless industry (1.7 billion subscribers by 2006)


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